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L.E.A.M.S. Can help your HOA, or Neighborhoods with Off Duty Law Enforcement Officers.
Increased safety for the community and officers:
LEAMS will work with you and your local agencies to select officers to do more than meet and greet people; they take the time to share information and learn what is of interest in different sub-communities within their area—geographic, business, ethnic, age-related, and otherwise. Many of them get deeply involved, especially with the kids. Some teach special projects in the local school and many mentor young people. Others are involved in athletic mentor coaching programs, which are especially important because athletes are often the most respected leaders in their schools, but are just as often at risk for disruptive behavior.
Building relationships like these help us all in the long-run. Young people develop a positive image of police and officers are safer when they are known and respected. Officers also enjoy the feelings of goodwill, personal connection, and individual accomplishment. This leads to more job satisfaction.
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